Managing Conflict and Building High-Performing Teams Service Management Test Kit (Publication Date: 2024/02)


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  • Is there a designated person at your organization with responsibility for managing compliance issues, ethics and potential conflicts of interest?
  • Has your organization published a policy on managing conflicts of interest in its investment process?
  • What is your organizations approach to managing risk of sourcing from minerals from conflict areas?
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    Managing Conflict Assessment Service Management Test Kit – Utilization, Solutions, Advantages, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

    Managing Conflict

    Yes, a designated person in the organization is responsible for managing compliance issues, ethics, and potential conflicts of interest.

    1. Assign a designated person to handle compliance, ethics, and conflicts of interest.
    2. Develop clear policies and procedures for managing conflicts of interest.
    3. Conduct regular training on conflict resolution and ethical conduct.
    4. Encourage open communication and a safe space for addressing conflicts.
    5. Use mediation or third-party facilitation to resolve conflicts.
    6. Implement a conflict resolution process that includes escalation measures.

    1. Promotes accountability and ensures compliance with regulations.
    2. Establishes a structured approach for addressing conflicts of interest.
    3. Increases awareness and understanding of ethical conduct within the team.
    4. Creates a positive and transparent work environment.
    5. Facilitates a peaceful resolution and minimizes negative impacts on team dynamics.
    6. Allows for conflicts to be effectively addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

    CONTROL QUESTION: Is there a designated person at the organization with responsibility for managing compliance issues, ethics and potential conflicts of interest?

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for 10 years from now:

    By 2031, our organization will have established a comprehensive and effective conflict management system that is recognized as a global standard. This system will include an independent designated person, with high-level expertise and authority, whose sole responsibility is to manage compliance issues, ethics, and the potential conflicts of interest within our organization.

    This designated person will work collaboratively with all departments to identify, address, and resolve potential conflicts of interest in a timely and transparent manner. They will also be responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures to prevent and mitigate conflicts of interest, ensuring that our organization operates with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.

    In addition, this designated person will serve as a trusted advisor and resource for all employees, providing training and guidance on conflict resolution strategies, ethical decision-making, and compliance with laws and regulations.

    Our goal is for this designated person to be widely recognized as a leader in the field of conflict management and ethics, and for our organization to be seen as an exemplary model for managing conflicts of interest in the corporate world. Through our commitment to transparency and ethical practices, we will build trust with our stakeholders and inspire other organizations to prioritize conflict management and ethical responsibility.

    With this big hairy audacious goal in place, our organization will continue to thrive and make a positive impact in the world while upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

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    Managing Conflict Case Study/Use Case example – How to use:

    Client Situation:

    XYZ Corporation is a multinational organization operating in the technology industry. With operations in over 20 countries, it has a diverse workforce of over 50,000 employees and generates an annual revenue of $15 billion. The organization has a widely recognized brand and is known for its innovative products and ethical business practices.

    Recently, XYZ Corporation has faced several compliance and ethical issues that have resulted in negative publicity and financial losses. These issues range from non-compliance with government regulations to conflicts of interest among employees. As a result, the board of directors and top management have become increasingly concerned about the organization′s reputation and have recognized the need for a designated person to manage compliance issues, ethics, and potential conflicts of interest.

    Consulting Methodology:

    The consulting team, consisting of experienced conflict management consultants, was hired to assess the current state of compliance and ethics issues within XYZ Corporation and develop a comprehensive strategy for managing them. The following methodology was used:

    1. Data collection: The first step was to gather data from multiple sources, including company reports, policies and procedures, and employee interviews. The consulting team also conducted a benchmarking exercise to analyze the best practices of other organizations in the industry.

    2. Gap analysis: A thorough gap analysis was performed to identify any discrepancies between the current practices and industry standards or legal requirements.

    3. Stakeholder analysis: The consultants conducted a stakeholder analysis to understand the viewpoints and expectations of different stakeholders, including employees, investors, customers, and regulators.

    4. Risk assessment: The team conducted a risk assessment to identify potential areas where the organization may be vulnerable to compliance and ethical issues.

    5. Strategy development: Based on the findings of the above steps, the consulting team developed a comprehensive strategy for managing compliance, ethics, and conflicts of interest at XYZ Corporation.


    The consulting team delivered the following key deliverables to XYZ Corporation:

    1. Compliance and ethics policy: A policy was developed, outlining the organization′s commitment to compliance and ethics, along with the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.

    2. Code of conduct: A code of conduct was developed to guide employees on expected behaviors and actions in the workplace.

    3. Compliance training program: The consultants developed a training program to raise awareness and educate employees about compliance issues, ethical standards, and conflicts of interest.

    4. Reporting mechanisms: The team developed a reporting mechanism for employees to report potential violations of policies or misconduct anonymously.

    5. Conflict management procedures: The consultants also developed procedures for identifying, managing, and resolving conflicts of interest within the organization.

    Implementation Challenges:

    The implementation of the new compliance and ethics program at XYZ Corporation faced several challenges, including:

    1. Resistance from employees: Some employees were resistant to the changes, believing that it would restrict their independence and decision-making abilities.

    2. Limited resources: The implementation required a significant investment in terms of time, resources, and budget, which posed a challenge for the organization.

    3. Different cultural backgrounds: As XYZ Corporation operates in multiple countries, employees have diverse cultural backgrounds, which may affect their understanding and interpretation of ethical standards.


    To measure the success of the newly implemented compliance and ethics program, the following key performance indicators (KPIs) were identified:

    1. Number and severity of compliance and ethics violations reported: This KPI will track the number of reported violations and the severity of the incidents.

    2. Employee training participation: The percentage of employees who completed the compliance and ethics training will be monitored to ensure that all employees are aware of the policies and procedures.

    3. Employee satisfaction: Regular employee surveys will be conducted to measure the level of satisfaction with the organization′s culture and ethical standards.

    Management Considerations:

    To ensure the success and sustainability of the compliance and ethics program, the following management considerations were recommended:

    1. Continuous monitoring and evaluation: Regular monitoring and evaluation of the program will help identify any gaps or areas for improvement.

    2. Strong leadership commitment: Top management′s commitment to the program is crucial, as it sets the tone for the organization′s ethical culture.

    3. Communication and transparency: The organization should communicate openly and transparently with employees to build trust and encourage reporting of potential violations.


    In conclusion, XYZ Corporation recognized the importance of managing compliance issues, ethics, and conflicts of interest to maintain its reputation and stakeholders′ trust. With the consulting team′s guidance and expertise, the organization was able to develop and implement a comprehensive compliance and ethics program. Continuous monitoring and evaluation, along with strong leadership commitment, will ensure the long-term success of the program.

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