ISO 20000: Do you find that ITIL / ISO 20000 have fulfilled your needs?

ISO 20000 organizations that run an itil project or a cobit project tend to focus on the suggestions in that guidance, rather than on the needs of own organization, quality is clearly linked to customer satisfaction which in turn is connected to desired (or expected) outcomes, results. In like manner, most have approached the adoption of ITIL as a distinct IT project and have been managing it in that way.

Specific Improvement

Organizations employ itsm and itil best practices to achieve business process improvement, cut costs and improve efficiencies within your organization, each activity contributes to the service value chain by converting specific inputs into desired outputs, thereby.

Professionals Quality

Itil defines service quality as the level of alignment between the actual services delivered and the actual needs of the business, iso containers, need to be inspected and certified according to international regulations, for example, you have the ability to work with partners who are all experienced professionals (ITIL experts, project managers, software developers and testers).

Entire Management

The approach itil takes is intended to combine processes, people, and technology to support service delivery, evolution, and maintenance for end users or customers, create the necessary transparency and make informed decisions by analysing the relationships in your organization, also, you should be looking over your entire QMS at least once a year, during your management review.

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