eTOM: Which version of ITIL are you using?

To identify activities that your organization must perform in order to deliver a valuable serviceD, you need to deliver better value to customers while improving efficiency through better investment and management in staffing, also, as business becomes more and more dependent on technology, there is considerable attention given to the concept of aligning IT to the business.

Same Design

Different processes delivering the same business functionality can be identified, duplication eliminated, gaps revealed, new process design speeded up, and variance reduced, organizations use itil to plan, implement, support, and improve services and create value for customers.

Driven Operations

Itil covers organizational structure and skill requirements for an it organization via a comprehensive set of procedures with which your organization can manage its it operations, fundamental to itil is the understanding that it provides services that enable the business. So then. And also, many of the more workflow driven requirements can benefit from being controlled using software.

Characteristics Service

The initial goal was to facilitate the creation of interoperable network management products, you started with a consideration of key IT service characteristics and challenges of IT services management, generally, now a days, itil is being practiced by almost every organization providing IT services to its customers.

Other Development

Automated asset discovery with integrated CMDB for real-time impact on technology and services, furthermore, when software and hardware goes through development and testing, the time comes for it to be released throughout the IT infrastructure or to other organizations.

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