eTOM: How often are you measuring customer satisfaction?

As a service provider, a service level agreement is a plain-language agreement between you and your customer (whether internal or external) that defines the services you will deliver, the responsiveness that can be expected, and how you will measure performance, in technical terms, a performance measure is a quantifiable expression of the amount, cost, or result of activities that indicate how much, how well, and at what level, products or services are provided to customers during a given time period. So then, review customer satisfaction with service delivery on a regular basis, using verifiable evidence in accordance with organizational requirements.

Akin Customer

Proper timing of customer satisfaction surveys depends on the type of product or service provided, the type and number of customers served, the longevity and frequency of customer, supplier interactions, and the intended use of the results, managing customers satisfaction efficiently is one the biggest challenge your organization face. Of course, when akin services and needs are aligned, customer satisfaction increases, productivity and efficiency increase, costs decrease, and service and process scalability are improved.

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Hence, customer response is very important aspect for all organizations to create business relationship and good customer satisfaction and loyalty with customers, focus on the total customer experience – you believe that virtually every point of contact between enterprise customers and their service providers or partners contributes to their perception, satisfaction and loyalty, which has a direct bearing on the profitability of the service provider. In particular, to succeed and grow, your organization needs to be able to acquire, retain, satisfy and engage customers effectively.

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Satisfaction is a well-established metric that is used to measure and manage the customer experience over time, the key indicators which determine satisfaction is service price, its quality, direct contact with staff, understanding the customer, friendly staff and their attitude and attention to customer, also physical environment and so on, also, by distributing online customer service feedback surveys you can measure the quality of your support, improve areas where your team is struggling and help ensure high levels of customer satisfaction at every point of contact within your business.

Various Requirements

Measure satisfaction level of internal customer with respect to needs and expectations, with the insights you gain, you can create a customer engagement model that outlines what kinds of experiences you want to deploy at each stage of the customer journey, thereby, overall, metrics should reflect and support the various strategies for all aspects of your organization, including finance, marketing, competition, standards, or customer requirements and expectations.

Existing Order

Once customer needs and expectations are identified and customer satisfaction is measured, it is time to create goals for achieving customer satisfaction, emphasizes measuring the customer satisfaction and loyalty in order to bring the improvement in the business organizations. As well as, customer retention is the collection of activities your organization uses to increase the number of repeat customers and to increase the profitability of each existing customer.

Measuring client satisfaction is a new concept for the legal industry, and knowing what you can improve upon—based on solid feedback—is critical to business success, it is challenging to measure the level of customer loyalty within the relationship, which is why organizations so often succumb to simply defining loyalty as the number of purchases made or a continuing pattern of buy behavior, furthermore, you may find that data already exists that provides a good picture of customer satisfaction and expectations, and more often it is necessary to take proactive measures to gather additional data.

If you develop a strong system for how you discover, analyze and address customer needs, your organization will have to be set up for long-term success, invariably a customer will consider that your business meets expectations if your service is delivered within the time, cost and speed that you promised, also, here are some interesting customer service.

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