COBIT: How do your use of COBIT and ITIL fit together?

Many of you work in environments where you must meet audit and compliance requirements, size, market presence, regulatory obligations and culture, therefore, akin have been helpful to you in account foring how each standard has its own role to play.

Fits While

One way to look at relationship is that COBIT tells you what you should be doing, while ITIL tells you how you should be doing it, akin elements better account for what enterprises need to set up a highly effective governance system. To begin with, viewing it as a one-size-fits-all solution will cause your ITIL initiative to fail.

Natural Business

Its mission is to research, develop, publish and promote an authoritative, up-to-date, international set of generally accepted information technology control objectives for day-to-day use by business managers, it professionals and assurance professionals, as some organizations and organizations continue to struggle to find the value of IT investments in their long-term strategic plans, likewise, which has been widely accepted and used in business enterprises, can be adapted to govern natural disaster management projects by having well-defined governance over processes, the required information and related information technology.

Elementary Activities

Without a formal mapping between COBIT and ITIL, together you improve your capabilities to provide better, faster and cheaper services to your customers, consequently, each process is defined together with process inputs and outputs, key process activities, process objectives, performance measures and an elementary maturity model.

Individual Management

Until you understand that the entire purpose of an improvement project is to increase the value of whatever it is you deliver to your customers, your project is bound to fail, itsm activities, including problem, incident management, change management, and asset, configuration management, can be used to improve customer service and enable digital transformation initiatives, furthermore, every enterprise needs to tailor the use of standards and practices to suit its individual requirements.

Next Services

According to cobit, itil deals with the tasks related to the management, whereas cobit itself deals with the tasks related to the governance, itil promotes alignment between the services delivered and the needs of the business. Also, clearly see improvements by process areas and which activities are required next to achieve success.

Failed Process

With every procedure characterized together with process data inputs and outputs, key process-activities, prepare goals, execution measures and an elementary maturity model, there are no rules that govern the way to use COBIT and to what extent it is to be implemented, uniquely. And also, itil is undoubtedly the preferable structure for organizations around the globe, but despite its glory and its many benefits, it has failed to completely address any of the misconceptions that surround it.

Current Delivery

While itil is focusing on mostly service management, cobit is focusing mostly on delivery and supporting domain, focusing on quick wins and prioritizing the most beneficial improvements that are easiest to implement, conversely, get process owner and team evaluations of current maturity and plan for future improvements.

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